Jamestown Tall Bookcase


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Tall Bookcase Elegantly Fused of Pine Wood And Paint - Jamestown

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Jamestown Tall Bookcase is an elegant fusion of wood and paint which will brighten any room. Wooden parts are made from a combination of Oak veneer on to solid plywood whilst the larger painted components are made from MDF with several layers of paint to build a deep lustre. Neat real wood convex handles complete the look. Jamestown, as part of our painted furniture collection" also features real, traditionally crafted dovetail drawers. Wood panels are made from 16mm Oak veneered plywood with, where appropriate a 16mm skirting, edge veneered in Oak Solid pine panels and parts in 16mm thickness are used in the internal construction of the cabinets. MDF panels are 16mm and painted backboards 2.8mm. Drawers are made using traditional dovetail joints with 12mm solid pine sides and backs. Plywood used for drawer bases and backs is made from pine to a thickness of 3.8mm.


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